Who. What. When. Where. Why.

LoRa Elizabeth Heiniemi

How many folks can honestly say that Andre the Giant taught them how to skip stones? LoRa Elizabeth, the World’s Finest “RnR” Concierge, can find anything. That being said. The daughter of a Professional Wrestler, all she has ever wanted, is to, uplift the heart of humanity.

Sing, dance, play, heal, plant, paint, write, Produce.

A wonderful storyteller. She has recorded over five independent albums with a catalog of untainted inspiration. One could say she’s a really a standup comedian, or a performance artist. Her mother said she came out of the womb a blues singer. She is a deeply passionate authentic artist. Americana Soul RnR. Folk, Blues. Improv. Fearless.

She has been a visionary part of many projects. Most notably The Fake McCoys, Mantra Truck, All Night Parcheesi Club and Stella and The Phins.

Her Zepicon team has produced over twenty heartfelt independent music and art festivals including Earth Mother Mind Jam, One World Festival, One Love Festival. The first of it’s kind, online, May 2020. Music and Healing Art festival, “HeartHstar.”

LoRa Elizabeth is the little train that could. Anything is possible.

Have suitcase will travel.