Who What Where and Why

Birthday photo of me 2022 (2)

LoRa Elizabeth Heiniemi

LoRa Elizabeth, the World’s Finest “RnR” Concierge, can find anything. She’s a boots-on-the-ground festival producer, event coordinator, essence locator, Chanteuse, MC, songstress, Queen of Improv, get’er done Integrated Healing Arts Practitioner. She loves to put on a good show. She’s impeccable with her word, a one-of-a-kind visionary. She is indeed committed to always doing her best. She lives to inspire. 

By the ripe age of eight, this force of nature started doing what she does best—putting on shows! She became a ringmaster for the “Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Carnivals.” At that age, she got her first taste of singing on stage. “Anything is Possible.” “Never Give Up.”

She’s also a dreamer. She spends her days making up songs, poems and painting. She comes up with movie and “tell-a-vision” ideas. A wonderful storyteller.

She has recorded over five independent albums with a catalog full of soulful inspiration.  Heartfelt connection. Her songs are worthy of being heard by more people.  She sings with deep passion and feeling, she is authentic. The real deal.

One could say she’s a really a standup comedian, or a performance artist. LoRa Elizabeth embodies all of it.

She is Affirmation Orchestra, Affirmative. Stella and the Phins. The Fake McCoys. Mantra Truck. All Night Parcheesi Club and more. She as Zepicon Productions, Gh2 Studios, has produced more than 30 festivals such as HeartH Star Festival, Earth Mother Mind Jam, One Love Festival, One World Festival, Run to the Hills, Gold King Mine Americana Music and Art Festival, Jammin’ on the Rocks, Valley Art Thing, J-Town Hootenanny, Full Moon Ball, All Together Now Festival, After Jam Jam, Ready to Pop and The Mind Jam.

Dedicated to keeping her passion for the arts energized, fresh, invigorating. LoRa Elizabeth is a gifted, intuitive singer-songwriter, improv artist, visual artist and festival producer. She can often be found playing solo bass and singing. Dreampipe, conch shells, guitar, percussion, tuning forks, gongs. Whatever brings the song to life. 

She’s open to all locations for festivals, gigs and creating new works. She loves to collaborate. Americana Soul RnR. 

Have suitcase will travel.